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Urban Shutter arctic white 89mm

Urban Shutters, 
made in the UK

Quick Turnaround

Introducing our Urban Shutters range, a collection of striking polysilk vinyl shutters custom made in the UK. This means that the whole process, from initial consultation right through to delivery and fitting of your shutters, can all be done more quickly and efficiently.

The ultra strong polysilk vinyl creates a sturdy and long lasting window dressing that will not chip, crack or peel. Urban Shutters never require painting or staining as the colour is embedded into the shutter itself.

Urban Shutters help reduce outside noise and keep heating and air conditioning costs down with their excellent insulating properties due to the robust cell structure of the frames and louvres.

Whatever your style, traditional, contemporary, modern or country, transform your home today with our classical selection of made to measure frames and door styles to suit any room and interior.

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You can also call on 01792687987

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