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EAZIPLEAT is a no chain, no cords, inherently child safe system which can be motorised.
Elegant and contemporary with a compact, neat headrail – EaziPleat comes in cellular standard or blackout fabrics. 
These stylish cellular pleated blinds are a great choice for any room, available in wide widths, and a huge range of colours whether its soft greys, Tuscan hues or inky blues there’s something for everyone in this collection. All these fabrics have great energy saving properties that will help retain warmth in winter and reduce heat and glare in the summer.  
Easy to use, compact by design and they’re manufactured in the UK.

EaziPleat blind
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Eazipleat Options

EasiPleat Soft Rise.jpg

Soft Rise

This is simplicity in itself, operated with just a touch and a pull. With a spring assist, the blind can be closed by hand to any required point with counter balance weights within the bottom bar to hold it in position.


Powered by a separate rechargeable lithium battery pack motorised for remote control with 3 handset options single, multiple and single with a timer, or for use with smart hubs such as Alexa, Siri and Google..

EasiPleat Coral-2.jpg
EaziPleat TaupeBlackout 1.jpg

Chain operated

Made with continuous metal chain cord loop in a unique child-safe ‘pull out’ sprocket wheel. It features a unique spring-loaded control unit that pops the control wheel out if the chain is pulled with excessive force.

Heat and light control

The incredibly efficient cellular blinds not only look great but also help keep energy costs down. Their unique honeycomb structure creates a thermal barrier between the room and window to provide additional insulation.

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